Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Passions Converge

We all have different things that we love, often they have nothing to do with one another. I, for instance, love to craft and just about everything to do with wine. Now I figured out pretty early on that I can craft while doing wine but I started feeling a little bit like an alcoholic when taking the bottles to recycling. So to avoid the scrutiny of my neighbors and to be a little more eco friendly (and to make the trips to the dump a little less frequently) I decided to make use of what is probably one of the more abundant resources in my house, empty wine bottles.

As a result I decided to paint the bottles and use them as house decor. Actually as I'm writing this a friend of mine has offered me his wine bottle collection when he moves out of his current place. SCORE!

These are the wine bottles that I made today with chalkboard paint. A great way to leave a not for a loved one in the morning. And they just look great in the kitchen or on the hearth. They're for sale on my Etsy Shop
Chalkboard painted wine bottle