Saturday, February 13, 2016

Fox in the Henhouse

I have learned that silence, while golden, is also suspicious; this is especially true as it pertains to puppies, toddlers, and boyfriends. I was downstairs putting together a quilt pattern while Michael was (I thought) cleaning his gun in the other room. Then what to my wondering ears should I hear but his voice coming down from the vicinity of the craft room saying 'Can I have this?'. I will have to admit I was worried as I mounted the stairs wondering what in the world he could want out of there. When I reached him I found out that all he wanted was some spare cotton fabric to use to clean the gun.

Not only was I able to oblige but I was able to make a dent in my scrap fabric. Especially those pieces that are of an odd material or that lets face it you are just never going to use again. All in all his journey into craft land was successful and the only casualty was the full box of straight pins that were knocked off of the table turning the carpet into a hazard.