Saturday, February 13, 2016

He or She?

News of a new baby is always exciting, even if its a number of months off. It can be hard to wait for pesky little things like waiting to find out if the little one will be a boy or girl; so what is someone like me to do? Whip out the gender neutral fabrics and create something everyone needs, from my limited experience with tiny humans receiving blankets are incredibly useful. Maybe my niece was messier than most but the tiny strip of fabric some people adorably call a burping cloth was never in the right place to protect her or myself from the mess. As a result I ended up draping a receiving blanket over my chest before taking her. Given that I love to make receiving blankets a little larger than usual to ensure maximum coverage.

I can't reveal the embroidery just yet because the gift hasn't been given yet but here's the project I pulled together. 

I also love this project because of how easy it is to do and the fact that it doesn't take a long time to complete

All you need is a yard of flannel and a serger or a serging foot for your sewing machine. Cut your fabric into a square, mark the corner rounding with a cup or bowl and surge around the blanket. If needed or desired you can easily add some personal flavor to the project with some embroidery or appliqué.