Friday, October 18, 2013

The woman, the myth, the occasional hot mess

Welcome lovelies,

As much as I would love to say that I'm an amazingly successful, do-it-all, young business woman, the truth is that I'm a recent college graduate with a useless degree. My day job, which I am fortunate to have, isn't exactly fulfilling leading to a million questions along the lines of "what am I doing with my life". Quick raise your hands if you've been here, to the woman in the back with your hand still down please teach me your ways.

I tried to spend my time figuring out how to be the kind of woman that wears suits to work and climbs stair in stilettos, but I'm just not that modern of a woman. According to multiple sources (including my incredibly wise mother) I have an old soul. I love almost all things lace and vintage. I like doing things old school, writing letters by hand, baking treats from scratch, and even hand quilting.

This blog is about my attempt to meld my vintage tastes in a modern world, about putting soul and love back into everyday life, and a LOT of crafting.

I look forward to growing with all of you!